Unreal Sunday coffee Interior

This is my sunday coffe interior scene in Unreal 4.

My intentions was to learn more about making my own materials in Substance Designer as seting up a good lighting in Unreal 4.

I modeled every single assets in Maya and made clothing inside Marvelous Designer as a bit tweaking in ZBrush.

For the textures I created all tilling textures inside Substance Designer and for smaller props I used Substance Painter. For the rug I made my own material inside Unreal and used Parallax Occlusion Mapping to get the fluffy rug fealing. I did the pattern inside Substance Designer. For the bigger objects I baked normal maps and made lowpoly to save geometry and stay optimized!

Mug Shot Lunchroom · Michael Flory

UE4 Sunday coffee Interior

Sunday coffee | Breakdown